Different games for different purposes…

Games to create games

Games with an agenda

Jolts – short gamelike interventions (concept by Thiagarajan)

Hörsaalspiele (Kristina Lucius)

Games for intercultural education – typically Unusable Games

Mathematic Game Theory games (Mathematische Spieltheorie)

  • Prisoner’s dilemma / Gefangenendilemma
  • Game of Chicken
  • Eisverkäufer am Strand (Hotelling’s Law)
  • Nicky Case – The Evolution of Trust. Simulation verschiedener Strategien im Gefangenendilemma, wundervoll illustriert, programmiert und animiert

Games and game mechanics (easy) to repurpose as teaching tools

Just addictive or plain fun

Lists and ressource sites

Traditional Games

  • Mancala
    „Mancala, in being such early evidence of human play, resembles contemporary game boards by having territories (zones for play), actions (moving stones), rules (direction on board, number of tokens distributed), tokens (pieces that represent the player, the player’s team, or other types of subject positions), and feedback (amounts collected). The fact that these early mancala boards were developed and customized speaks to the aesthetic importance of games and how the play experience has, for thousands of years, been intertwined with aesthetics.“
    – Mary Flanagan (2009), „Radical Play. Radical Game Design.“, p.65
  • Senet
  • Pachisi
  • Morra
  • Royal Game of Ur
  • Go or WeiQi